Update On Work Visas For Foreign Experts In Israel

Published date28 February 2023
Subject MatterEmployment and HR, Immigration, Employee Benefits & Compensation, General Immigration, Work Visas
Law Firmlus Laboris
AuthorRoi Hayun

A number of important changes to the rules for employment of foreign experts have recently taken effect.

The B1 foreign expert visa allows employers in Israel to temporarily employ foreign workers who have unique skills or knowledge that is not available in the Israeli labour market. This visa is subject to strict requirements regarding expertise and salary. The Population and Immigration Authority has made several recent changes to the rules and procedures for the expert visa.

Digital application procedure

As part of the efficiency plan adopted by the Population and Immigration Authority, a new procedure has entered into force which requires digital entry of applications for entry visas and licenses as well as payment of fees.

In keeping with this new procedure, after a permit to employ a foreign worker is issued, the employer submits the application for an entry visa and work license online.
The application will then be forwarded to the permit unit at the Population and Immigration Authority for examination, and after it is approved, an invitation letter addressed to the relevant Israeli consulate or embassy abroad will be issued.

After the foreign expert enters Israel, he or she will be issued a digital certificate which must be kept together with his or her passport. It is no longer necessary to send the passport physically for a visa to be added to the passport.

Update to Average Salary

To qualify for the foreign expert visa, the expert must be paid at least twice the average monthly salary for an employee in Israel. As of 1 January 2023, the average salary is 11,730 NIS per month. Therefore, beginning with salaries for January 2023, an employer is required to pay a foreign expert, on expert wages, a minimum base salary (i.e. salary before overtime or other additional payments) of NIS 23,460 per...

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