When And How To Scale Your Startup Internationally

Published date25 November 2022
Subject MatterCorporate/Commercial Law, Consumer Protection, Corporate and Company Law, Consumer Law
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AuthorMs Julia Vorontsova

International business growth is an attractive long-term objective for many company owners. Breaking into the global market could be profitable for your firm, but it's not always suitable for every industry.

How do you know when it's time for global expansion? How long will it take before you see the results? What strategies can you employ?

First, let's look at some factors to determine whether your business is ready for international growth.


To discover if you're ready to expand outside your domestic market, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has your company reached its full potential in your current location?
  • Do your services or products appeal to other markets?
  • Do you understand the potential complexities and benefits of global scaling?

Let's examine those questions in more detail to see if it's time for you to upscale your business.

Has Your Company Reached its Full Potential in Your Current Location?

Perhaps your firm is successful in your current location. Expansion looks promising if your business generates enough revenue to branch out into another area. However, you need to consider various factors before expanding.

First, determine whether your company profits align with your current objectives. If they do, next, examine your employee satisfaction rate and business operating conditions.

Review Your Employee Retention Rates

Observe your firm's employee turnover rate. If you're having difficulties holding on to staff members at home, you can expect further issues abroad.

Investing in a long-term training plan for your team is essential to scaling your corporation. Retaining talented employees is vital.

Only 53% of small businesses have implemented a wellness program for their employees. Determine what your staff needs to boost motivation, garner satisfaction, and enhance performance.

A 2022 Zippia survey shows that 83% of American employees suffer from business-related stress. Poor work-life balances and inadequate company opportunities are two primary reasons why workers choose to leave a corporation.

If you can't retain highly-skilled, hard-working employees, your firm may be too young to grow internationally.

Check That Your Business Has the Necessary Tools to Expand

Conduct an equipment audit in your firm. Do you have everything you need to ensure your operations run smoothly? For example, are your electronics and business software up to date?

Ensure you have the necessary supplies and tools to improve your company's expansion. After all, if you can't conduct a good business where you are, you'll also have difficulties outside your current market.

Exhausting your domestic markets is another sign it's time to upscale, especially if consumers are expressing interest in international offerings.

Do Your Services or Products Appeal to Other Markets?

According to the CFO, the two primary reasons for business expansion are market share capture and an increasing sales presence.

Assessing whether your...

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