World Mental Health Day- A Time To Pause And Consider Mental And Physical Wellbeing In The Workplace

Today marks the World Health Organisation's Mental Health Day, providing an important platform to raise awareness of mental health and to help to remove the stigma associated with it.

It is important to remember that we ALL have mental health, much in the same way that we have physical health, and that at some times in our lives we are healthier than at others. With work accounting for a sizeable chunk of our days, it inevitably has an effect on our mental health; with that in mind, the importance of commemorative days to raise awareness and build on our mental health literacy, is evident.

Here at HL we are very proud to support mental wellbeing awareness and want every colleague to feel safe and confident in sharing experiences they may be encountering, and to trust that we will always act sensitively and respectfully in providing support.

In 2017 we launched a wellbeing programme, aptly named 'HL Well', with the aim of increasing our colleagues' wellbeing at work. Our programme this year is all about offering exciting events and initiatives that fall under the following headings: food and nutrition, health and fitness, stress reduction and creativity. So far this year the head massages, team picnics, healthy infusion drinks and book club have all proved very popular. Often it is the small things which make a big difference in encouraging inclusion and collaboration with...

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