2020 Consumer Financial Services Year in Review & A Look Ahead

Published date03 March 2021
Subject MatterDebt Collection,Background Checks,Debt Collectors,CARES Act,ECOA,TCPA,Banking Sector,Lenders,FTC,Financial Services Industry,Cybersecurity,Coronavirus/COVID-19,FCRA,Class Action,Student Loans,Bankruptcy Code,Banks,Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
AuthorRonald Raether,Brooke Conkle,Alan Wingfield,John Lynch,David Gettings,Virginia Bell Flynn,James Trefil,Chad Fuller,David Anthony,Sadia Mirza,Ashley Taylor Jr.,Edgar Vargas,Timothy St. George,Scott Kelly,Samuel Hyams,Ethan Ostroff,Jared Bissell,John Komisin,Paul Stewart Kim,Elizabeth Briones,Daniel Stillman,Timothy Butler,Jonathan Floyd,Allison Melton,Jason Manning,Troy Jenkins,Punit Marwaha,Alex Teixeira,Joseph DeFazio,Stephen Piepgrass,Kendall Hamilton Tan,Eli Kaplan,Christopher Bascom,Cindy Hanson,Mark Kundmueller,Kathleen Knudsen,Timothy Bado,Stephen Steinlight,Joshua Dachs,Andrew Buxbaum,Leah Tedford,Meagan Mihalko,Jason Kutcher,Jon Hubbard,Michael Lacy,Massie Cooper,Paul Boller,Mary Zinsner,Amy Pritchard Williams,Keith Barnett,D. Kyle Deak,Kalama Lui-Kwan,Mary Kate Kamka,Jessica Lohr,Myra Benjamin,Julie Hoffmeister,Keaton Stoneking,Ashley Nimitz,Ben Bollinger,Austin Dunn,Stephen Lozier,Maryia Jones,Patrick Kane,David Asbury,Jonathan Kenney,Jamie Rudd,Gillian Williston,Alice Hodsden,Marlee Waxelbaum
Law FirmTroutman Pepper

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