Affordable Alternative Energy

Published date10 June 2022
Subject MatterIntellectual Property, Energy and Natural Resources, Energy Law, Oil, Gas & Electricity, Patent
Law FirmMarks & Clerk
AuthorMr Robert Carpmael

Wouldn't it be great if one could provide one's own electricity and hot water. Solar panels and wind turbines are an obvious choice where space permits, but so often it is the cost or slow payback time that inhibits the deployment of these technologies.

With the Ukraine crisis jeopardising oil and gas supplies, the price of fuel keeps going up. We need to find a way of deploying more alternative sources - and the funding for doing so - not just because of these new pressures, but because it is anyway the right thing to do for meeting global climate ambitions.

As a patent attorney we see many new forms of energy production and sadly so many never really make it. Turbines between buildings to harvest the...

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