How To Register A Trademark In Bolivia

Published date11 December 2023
Subject MatterIntellectual Property, Trademark
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Find out how to register a trademark in Bolivia, including how to conduct a trademark search to confirm your distinctive signs for the brand are unique. When operating commercially, it is common to use a brand, logo, and/or slogan to help identify your company and its products. This distinguishes your brand from others and helps generate trust and loyalty among customers. As your business grows, and attracts new customers, it will become identified by a few distinctive signs.

Protecting and maintaining the exclusive use of your brand, logo or slogan with a registered trademark is crucial for commercial success. In Latin America, intellectual property protection regulations are developing to support the migration of companies from the region to foreign markets.

Below, we describe the steps to follow to register a trademark in Bolivia and keep your business, and its distinctive signs, protected and profitable in the future.

A trademark offers protection to its owner so they can distribute their products without direct competitors using them for commercial gain. Trademark registration in Bolivia.

Types of Distinctive Signs for Trademark Registration in Bolivia

In Bolivia, a 'distinctive sign' serves to identify products or services on the market.

There are several types of distinctive signs that companies can consider to register their trademark in Bolivia:

  • Denominative: letters and words
  • Figurative: Image and symbols
  • Mixed: Words and graphic symbols
  • Three-dimensional: Containers, wrappers and bottles
  • Auditory: corporate music and jingles

These signs help create perceptions of a certain quality or other attractive element that influences consumers' purchasing decisions when choosing a product or contracting a service.

A distinctive sign constitutes an important tool for the company by leveraging the positioning of their products or services, and advertising it within the market.

Registering a trademark in Bolivia grants the holder the exclusive right of use in the market and prevents third parties from using it without the owner's authorization.

These distinctive signs can be used to establish a brand, commercial name, and commercial slogan.


A brand is a sign used to distinguish and differentiate products or services in the market. It has two main characteristics: graphic representation and distinctiveness.

The registration of a trademark in Bolivia grants the rights of use, transfers, and licenses of use of the brand.

The trademark prevents third...

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