Modification of Rules on Labeling to be Published Shortly

This article was written by members of the Tax Department of Torres, Plaz & Araujo

An operation is to be conducted shortly at the customs offices of Puerto Cabello and San Antonio del T·chira for the registration of importer and manufacturer companies, in order to expedite compliance with the Resolution on Labeling Requirements.

This information was furnished by MarÌa Milagros Toro, Director General of the Autonomous Service of Normalization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations, SENCAMER, during her attendance at meeting number 55 of the Presidential Commission on Fighting Customs Fraud.

She added that the modification to the Resolution on Labeling Requirements, when published, would permit, for a term of three months, the use of complementary labels with suitable information under the provisions of such Resolution.

MarÌa Milagros Toro stated that, to date, 217 companies have requested registration for the nationalization of imported products. She stressed that only two of them had problems with the nationalization of their products and that those cases had been resolved by granting them temporary certificates. She denied that 70 containers were being held for labeling reasons.

She confirmed that the Resolution provides that labels must contain the following:

The name or denomination of the national manufacturer...

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