New Health And Safety Measures For Reopening Businesses In Venezuela

Published date12 June 2020
AuthorMs Biba Arciniegas (D'Empaire Abogados)
Subject MatterEmployment and HR, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Health & Safety, Government Measures, Employment and Workforce Wellbeing
Law Firmlus Laboris

This article sets out the newly introduced health and safety measures for preventing Covid-19 infection in workplaces in Venezuela.

Effective from 1 June 2020 and following the gradual relaxation of quarantine in Venezuela, the Health Ministry issued a resolution establishing health and safety regulations to counter Covid-19.

The key aspects of this resolution in adopting health and safety measures include:

  • Mandatory use of face masks at all times when in public.
  • Washing hands frequently (when leaving home, getting to the workplace, after eating, etc.). Employers must provide the appropriate hygiene supplies such as soap, antibacterial gel with at least 70% alcohol or sanitisers.
  • If an individual shows Covid-19 symptoms or if there is suspicion of Covid-19 infection, he or she must report this through the direct telephone line 0800 VIGILAN or 0800 COVID19, or seek medical care at specialized health care centres associated to the Area of Integral Health ('ASIC').
  • Workplaces must be cleaned twice a day, with 0.1% hypochlorite solution or sanitisers.
  • The use of electronic payment mechanisms is recommended.
  • Social distancing (at least one and a half metres) should be observed: employers must adapt their work areas and set work schedules that allow social distancing.
  • Shops, supermarkets and other commercial businesses must arrange their space distribution so that...

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