The Importance Of Company Culture

Published date07 December 2020
Subject MatterCorporate/Commercial Law, Employment and HR, Corporate and Company Law, Discrimination, Disability & Sexual Harassment, Employee Benefits & Compensation, Employee Rights/ Labour Relations, Whistleblowing
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What is company culture?

Company culture essentially boils down to the energy in the room. It's how your employees feel in their place of work, how supported and trusted they are by you, their employer, and how happy they are in all aspects of their working life.

A positive culture is one where teams work together openly and transparently. If you have a strong, positive culture in place, then your employees will be happy to put the effort in to ensure the success of the firm. Appreciation breeds appreciation, and the old cliché of a happy worker being a productive worker applies to life at work more than ever before, as workers are focusing more on the quality of their work/life balance.

It's important to note however, that it is not possible for a company to either have a culture or not. Unless you put in the effort to create a positive culture, then a negative or toxic, culture will take root instead. A positive culture must be worked at, if left alone a negative culture springs up like a weed.

A negative culture can be toxic in several ways, mostly stemming from undesirable behaviours going unchallenged. This includes the likes of discrimination and harassment (both sexual and general), as well as poor practices such as cutting corners or even covering up malpractice.

What is the benefit of a positive company culture?

Workplace culture has been shown to directly affect a firm's ability to both attract and retain members of staff. If your organisation does not support and nurture talent then they will either leave or stop performing to the best of their ability, creating an atmosphere of detachment and low...

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