The Use Of Nevis Educational Foundations To Protect Junior Members Of A Family

Valuable Assets

We are often asked, what are our most important assets? This can lead to a myriad of responses, with the most common being, “our children”.

Families often spend fortunes, protecting, educating and nurturing their children, to allow them to make their own way in the world. Alarmingly, there are a number of countries, where the protection of a family's name and the identity of its members is of utmost importance.

Children Spreading Their Wings

There comes a point in each child's life when they must leave the protection of the family and enter the wider world for educational or career purposes. This will often mean that a late teen or adult child will move to a larger city or different country, away from the security and protection of their family.

This relocation, will often lead to a natural increase in the exposure of both the child's name and the family name in the new city.

Many families want to financially assist their children in making the move, but sometimes it can be difficult and inconvenient to do so. For example, if the family wants to open a bank account in the foreign jurisdiction, it can often be expensive and difficult to do so and can often lead to an increase in the exposure of their family name.

Use of a Nevis Educational Foundation

Through the use of a Nevis Educational Foundation, Dixcart can assist a family by reducing, as far as possible, the identity of the child and the family's name in the new city/country.

Dixcart can establish a structure that provides confidentially and security to the child and the family. The structure means that the identity footprint of the child, in the new city, would be greatly reduced. It would also allow for additional children to be assisted in later years, within the same structure.

How Does a Nevis Educational Foundation Work?

A Nevis Educational Foundation may be able to enter into residential leases and/or other significant legal commitments, such as the payment of university fees, the purchase of a car etc. In this way, both the agreements and the payments would be confidential and would not feature the family name.

A Confidential Pre-paid Credit Card

The Nevis...

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