Well Regulated, World Class Centre

Keeping Pace

The Bahamas will stay at the forefront of the increasingly competitive global environment for the conduct of international financial services by keeping pace with evolving trends for appropriate transparency and co-operation with onshore centres. This is consistent with the historic views and legislative actions of The Bahamas with respect to criminal activities and counter money laundering, and its determination to be recognised for its professionalism and attraction of blue chip business.

The Bahamas now has one of the most well regulated financial systems in the modern world, capable of successfully meeting international standards for supervision and oversight. This is expected of a first class financial services sector. Indeed, The Bahamas should now be able to accede with considerable ease into WTO and the FTAA processes, and by so doing take its rightful seat on the globalisation train to improved living standards, expanded trade opportunities and sustainable economic growth and development.

Tax Neutrality & Commitment To Client Confidentiality

Long-established as one of the foremost international financial centres and a key operational base for many of world's most recognised and respected banking and financial organisations, The Bahamas retains both its crucial tax neutrality and its commitment to client confidentiality.

The Bahamas' response to the multinational initiatives has been based on the principle of constructive cooperation, with robust...

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