How it works

There is no cost for publishing your contents in vLex. You only have to send us the contents and we take care of everything.

1. We sign an agreement stating the contents you are the copyright holder of

  • Who can publish in vLex?

    All persons certifying their copyright ownership of legal contents may publish in vLex

    Thus, all editors, distributors, agents, associations, professional organizations, law firms, universities, etc. with contents can publish in vLex.

    If you are an author and want to publish your articles, you can do it in vLex.

  • What kind of contents can be published?

    The most interesting contents you can publish are:

    • Books
    • Journals
    • Forms and Contracts
    • Reports
    • Newsletters
    • Conference Proceedings
    • Thesis (published or unpublished)

    Mainly secondary sources and gray literature. However, any kind of content, including legislation and jurisprudence, of which you are the copyright holder can be published.

  • What content volume should I have to be able to publish in vLex?

    There is no minimum volume of contents to be published in vLex. You can start by publishing a book or a magazine. However, the more contents you publish, the more income you get and the bigger your online presence. Thus, publishing large volumes of contents is beneficial both for the money and promotion you get.

  • What format should I submit the contents to be published in?

    Any format is valid. Our production team will take care of your contents treatmet and upload.

  • Do I need to publish recent contents?

    It is not necessary to publish recent contents. Users' needs vary and so, they may be interested in all kinds of materials, whether recent or non-recent. This is a great opportunity to get the most out of your historical fund.

  • What if I only have paper documents?

    Don't worry. Our production team will take care of your paper contents digitization and at no extra charge for you. We are developing the best legal information system in Internet and your contents have to be here.

2. We process, publish and promote your contents

  • What brand visibility will I have?

    One of the advantages of being part of vLex is that your brand and name will be visible to millions of people that use Internet to look for information everyday. In all cases, your documents will include your name and brand with your logo. This way, users will know what documents are yours. Furthermore, your name and brand will show in special sections of vLex, as the list of publishers.

  • How will my contents look like in vLex?

    We'll maintain your contents integrity by means of a common index users may use to navigate through all the documents of a book or the articles of a magazine.

    Your documents will always be text formatted so that they can be easily searched and retrieved by users. Furthermore, if deemed convenient, we will also offer the possibility to review and download the contents in PDF format together with the origial format in which the document was published.

    You an see some examples of how your contents look in vLex.

  • What countries and territories will my documents be commercialized in?

    Your contents will be sold to all Internet users. This way, you benefit from a global reach by obtaining top visibility even from markets you had never imagined.

  • Will my contents be protected in any way?

    There are various control systems that guarantee your documents will never be improperly used. Thus, your contents will be accessible only to users paying for them. Furthermore, special filters prevent users from making massive downloads of documents.

3. We pay you based on your contents' performance.

  • What are my obligations as a vLex provider?

    Being a vLex provider you only need to send us the conents you have decided to publish in our platform. From then on, we take care of everything. Thus, you don't waste time or money at all.

  • How can I make a follow-up of my contents' performance?

  • As a vLex provider, you'll have access to an exclusive extranet from which you will be able to review daily reports on your contents' performance. The income generated by your contents will depend on both the volume of documents you have included in vLex and the times users have viewed them. Every three months we will transfer you the corresponding payment for your contents' performance to your account. For more information about the benefits you can have by publishing your documents in vLex, please contact us.

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