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Over 250 publishers, partners, and sources supply U.S. content directly to vLex, with daily updates to help you stay up to date, access more content, and find the documents you need quickly and easily. vLex's U.S. collection includes:

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By combining human search behaviour with machine speed, Vincent AI can save you time, improve the accuracy of your research, and increase your productivity and efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for any legal professional. Vincent recognises legal documents from over 32 countries, in both English and Spanish, and can extract key legal issues from case law.

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ABA Antitrust Library

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ABA Antitrust Library

vLex hosts over 60 ABA antitrust books and journals, containing important and authoritative information on legal proceedings, antitrust topics and reference materials, directly linked to cited authorities, from the United States as well as international sources.

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Recommended products

vLex United States

vLex houses over 24 million US legal documents, including state and federal case law, statutes, regulations and legislation, administrative codes, specialist and federal court coverage, secondary resources, legal news, and commentary from top law firms, all on one platform. Coverage extends across all 50 states, with district and circuit court judgments available from the last 100 years. Access these authoritative legal materials alongside leading law journals, reviews, and collections from academic institutions and bar associations.

US Jury Verdicts and Settlements

A rich collection of United States jury verdicts, settlements and awards, published by Zarins. Coverage includes unique summaries of reported cases and detailed trial analysis, including techniques and strategies used by winning attorneys.

ABA Antitrust Premium Digital Library

This extensive collection of competition and consumer protection content, covering essential areas such as monopolization, intellectual property, consumer protection, mergers and acquisitions, and more, is published by the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Law Section, the world’s leading antitrust and consumer protection professional membership group.

With the latest editions of more than 70 titles available, including the seminal Antitrust Law Developments, this collection is enriched and powered by vLex’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) contextual search tools and hyperlinks to relevant case law to allow researchers to seamlessly navigate between primary and secondary law with ease.

ABA Commercial Collection

This unique collection of secondary materials, from one of the world’s largest and most authoritative publishers, provides access to respected journals covering multiple practice areas and topics, including arbitration, litigation, intellectual property, international interests, tax and tax evidence, trust compliance issues, commercial drone law, corporation law, wealth, trusts and estates, and more. In this valuable collection, titles include the ABA Journal, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Litigation Journal, and The Tax Lawyer.

ABA General Collection

This unique collection of secondary materials, from one of the world’s largest and most authoritative publishers, covers a wide range of topics and practice areas, including corporate law, immigration, arbitration, data, information and media, criminal law, family law and litigation, human rights, credit rights, forensic science, civil rights litigation, international arbitration, international law, preparing witnesses, mental disabilities, criminal defense, adoption, employee rights, transgender persons and the law, and much more. Titles in this valuable collection include Family Law Litigation, Family Law Quarterly, International Arbitration, International Law, Privacy and Data Security, and many more.

Wiley Commercial Collection

The Wiley Commercial Collection contains books and journals on a wide variety of legal topics of local, national and international importance. Topics covering employment, intellectual property, banking and finance, corporate interests, society, energy, and much more are included in this growing and valuable collection.

Titles include the American Business Law Journal, Canadian Copyright Law, Federal Grants & Contracts, International Construction Contract Law, International Insolvency Review, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Negotiation Journal, Oil and Energy Trends, Review of Income and Wealth, Risk Management and Insurance Review, and The Journal of World Intellectual Property.

Wiley General Collection

The Wiley General Collection includes titles covering various areas of law, including constitutional law, arbitration, criminal law, international law, family law, society, corporate law, property law, and more.

Titles available within this collection cover North American and European law, such as Criminology and Public Policy, European Law Journal, Family Court Review, International Insolvency Review, Juvenile and Family Court Journal, Law and Society Review, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, The Handbook of Law and Society, The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice, The Modern Law Review, and many more.

Emerald Commercial

This valuable collection contains a selection of books and journals from an award-winning publisher on a range of topics, covering antitrust, competition, monopolies, regulations, employment, corporate law, property, intellectual property, and more.

Featured titles include Antitrust Law and Economics, Competition Policies in Europe, International Business Law and Lex Mercatoria, Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law, Music and Law, and The Political Economy of Antitrust.

Emerald General

The Emerald General Collection contains over 150 books and journals from an award-winning publisher, covering various legal topics, including international law, property, banking and finance, education, human rights, immigration, health, criminal law, transportation, data, information and media, and much more.

Featuring titles such as Crime and Human Rights, Human Rights and Media, International Journal of Law and Management, Journal of Financial Crime, Journal of International Trade Law and Policy, Journal of Public Mental Health, Research in Law and Economics, alongside many more.

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