Investigations, due diligence and intelligence

Investigations firms around the world now benefit from vLex’s award-winning research technology and access to a global collection of legal information, all on one platform.

  • Dun and Bradstreet - Investigations
  •  KROLL - Investigations
  • LIS Group - Investigations
  • ZENRS -	United Kingdom - Corporate - Investigations
  • K2 Intelligence LLC	United States	Corporate - Investigations
  • Mourant - Carib - Offshore


Benefits for investigative research

  • Search over 100 countries at once

    vLex is the only platform in the world to offer global coverage and the ability to search across 130 million documents at once.

  • Alerts and notifications

    Be the first to hear about changes to the law, and receive email notifications when relevant court documents are amended or updated.

  • Comprehensive offshore coverage

    Access millions of documents from across offshore regions, including 18 Caribbean countries, the Channel Islands, and more.

  • Language translation

    Automatically translate and compare legal documents in multiple languages.

  • Unlimited search

    Search across vLex's entire database to reduce your risk of missing important cases.

  • Dockets

    Access dockets from the UK, Ireland and Mexico, and stay up to date with the latest court cases.

“Vincent has saved the library staff at our law library hours of research when searching for “something like this” or the proverbial needle in a haystack. Whether library staff are helping our members research to write a factum, memorandum, an article or a book, Vincent significantly reduces our members’ research time. Research that would normally take hours now takes minutes.”

Library Manager & Executive Director, Waterloo Region Law Association

Stay up to date

Custom email alerts

Create daily, weekly, and even Monday to Friday email alerts for custom searches, courts, party names and more. You can even create alerts directly from search results to keep you updated with any new documents matching your specific search criteria.

Custom email alerts
Remove language barriers

Language translation

Remove language barriers

vLex offers reading and text editing tools to assist you with your legal research. Document translation features also allow you to instantly view, download or save a document in 14 languages. When a document has been translated, you will still have access to the same level of features and functionality.

Smart searching

Find what you need quickly

vLex enables you to search the way in which you prefer. Choose between an auto-complete search bar, advanced search with boolean options, or an intuitive and easy-to-navigate browsing tool.

Find what you need quickly

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