Bring your in-house legal knowledge together, in one location

vLex technology can be used securely to enable in-house teams to access and search their entire legal knowledge corpus, deduplicating research and saving time.

In-house solutions

Transform your in-house legal knowledge

  • Build an internal legal search engine

    Designed for privacy, vLex technology enables you to search, access and enhance your in-house documents with your own internal legal search engine.

  • Work across multiple teams

    Access and review documents from across teams, with a centralised repository of legal documents. Make notes and annotations, check for repealed or no longer in force acts, and comment on documents uploaded to your vLex Cloud.

  • Search across all documents at once

    Search across all of your in-house knowledge at once to find supporting materials, or parallel initiatives.

  • Deduplicate work and research

    Reduce research time and deduplicate work across departments by identifying where work has already taken place.

In-house solutions

Improve your team’s productivity

Find related and up-to-date legal information from vLex’s vast database, and discover similar documents from your repository in a single search.

Improve your team’s productivity
Collaborate on documents enriched by vLex

Intelligent technology

Collaborate on documents enriched by vLex

Review your documents and check the status of supporting arguments, precedents and references, all in one location, while leaving notes for your team.


Ensure documents are up to date with workflow integrations

With vLex’s range of integrations, you can connect your document to your legal workflows and maintain the streamlined processes required for your clients.

Ensure documents are up to date with workflow integrations

More features designed to keep you up to date

  • Check your documents are up to date

    Ensure you have the most up-to-date citations within your documents and arguments with vLex for Word.

    Learn more about vLex for Word

  • Stay up to date with in-house developments

    vLex Cloud lets you connect your internal knowledge and enrich documents with vLex technology.

    Learn more about vLex Cloud

  • Bring legal documents to the top of your search

    Improve your productivity and bring legal information to the top of your search results with the vLex Chrome extension to quickly find the documents you need.

    Learn more about the vLex Chrome Extension

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