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Search hundreds of millions of U.S. lawsuits, track cases on any device, manage deadlines, and analyze outcomes for a competitive advantage. With more than 700 million legal records in its database, Docket Alarm offers access to information that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Docket Alarm

Obtain better litigation outcomes

Search hundreds of millions of lawsuits, track cases on any device, manage deadlines, and analyze outcomes for a competitive advantage.

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Obtain better litigation outcomes


Dockets and documents added each day.


Coverage of PTAB, ITC, TTAB, and trademark and patent prosecution.


Searchable documents and dockets.

Exclusive content

Full text docket search

The law is more than published judicial opinions. With Docket Alarm, you can search the full court record and find information that other services cannot provide.

  • An Innovation Leader in Legal Technology and Research

    An Innovation Leader in Legal Technology and Research

    Docket Alarm received recognition in the Legaltech Product Innovation Awards in 2019 and 2015, and a nomination nod for the 2020 awards.

"New legal developments occur every day under the new AIA proceedings before the PTAB, and Docket Alarm is an invaluable tool for finding the most up-to-date information needed to give you the upper hand in these cases. It is the most comprehensive resource available for performing legal research and case tracking for PTAB proceedings."

Jason R. Mudd, Partner, Erise IP, represented petitioner in the first-ever inter partes review

Stay up to date

Calendaring and docketing

Easily calculate upcoming deadlines based on scheduling orders and local court rules to ensure that you never miss a deadline again. Docket Alarm maintains a full rule set, keeps track of holidays, and distributes reminders to attorneys.

  • Rules-based calendaring - Quickly and confidently calculate upcoming deadlines from an extensive database of court rules.
  • Automatic calendaring - Deadlines are automatically extracted from the docket sheet and underlying filings like scheduling orders.
  • Outlook and Google calendar integration - Synchronize all deadlines with your existing Outlook or Google calendar.
Calendaring and docketing
Docket Alarm Analytics

Docket Alarm Analytics

Looking at thousands of cases, Docket Alarm Analytics can tell you the likelihood of winning a case given a particular judge, technology area, law firm, or party.

Learn more about Docket Alarm Analytics


Real time docket alerts

Never manually check the court docket again. Receive alerts on new court activity with new filings attached.

ECF alerts

Attorneys can securely integrate their ECF account to get instantaneous alerts of public documents without being charged a PACER fee.

New lawsuit alerts

Get alerts when new lawsuits are filed against a company, or when they match your search criteria. Bulk download hundreds of filings at once, and export anything to a spreadsheet.

Real time docket alerts

"In addition to Docket Alarm's search capabilities, its PTAB analytics platform saves me and my team dozens of hours of labor intensive research. In just a few clicks, I can spot trends across judges and technology areas, see institution and claim cancellation rates, and see how a particular party's PTAB proceedings are progressing."

Brad D. Pedersen, Patent Practice Chair, Patterson Thuente IP

Many more advanced features

Advanced searching

  • Search filters

    Utilize basic search filters, such as party, law firm, judge, and case status, or advanced filters like stock symbol, number of parties, upcoming deadlines, and more.

  • Search by dollar amount

    Find jury verdicts, public settlements, demands, attorney billing rates, and more by searching by dollar range.

  • Document OCR

    Every document, even image based documents, are searchable because Docket Alarm processes every document with OCR.

  • Search within docket

    Easily navigate through large dockets with advanced Boolean search tools. Search the underlying documents too.

Document Delivery

  • ECF integration

    Get instant notifications of case activity using your ECF account, and save money on PACER fees by utilizing the free first look.

  • Email attachments

    You no longer have to login or accept charges to view documents, as they are always attached to the email alert.

  • Mobile support

    Docket Alarm is mobile friendly, so you can always access your documents when you are away from your desk.

  • Clio integration

    All of your documents and docket information can be automatically uploaded and organized to your matters with the Clio integration.

Automation and exporting

  • Bulk downloads

    Automatically download dozens or hundreds of filings from a docket sheet and put them into a zip file.

  • Search and docket export

    Export search results and an entire docket into an easy to read excel report.

  • API

    Build client portals, run complex statistical analysis, or bulk download millions of documents with the Docket Alarm API.

  • Zapier integration

    Zapier allows you to create automations, populate spreadsheets, slack channels, or even tweets with live court data, with no programming required.

Case law integrations

  • Fastcase case law integration

    Quickly pull all cited cases in a motion or court opinion using Fastcase’s vast case law database.

  • Bluebook filenames

    Get Bluebook compliant citations directly for any document on Docket Alarm, just click copy cite.

Enterprise tools

  • Administrator tools

    Manage hundreds of users, create user groups, and provide different levels of access with administrator tools.

  • Single sign-on

    Large enterprises benefit from single sign-on technology to elevate the user experience.

  • History and usage reports

    Access comprehensive reports of past usage, see who your top users are, and discover how they have used the service.

  • Matter management

    Group cases and teams based on matter number, and itemize activity and PACER charges based on matters.

Docket Alarm

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