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Benefits for law schools

  • Global coverage

    With vLex, law schools can provide their students and professors with access to the most extensive collection of legal and regulatory information in the world, on a single platform.

  • Prepare students for the global legal market

    In an increasingly globalised legal market, it is essential for law schools to provide their students with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers. With vLex, law students can master searching and comparing laws across different countries and regions, giving them a competitive advantage in the global legal market.

  • A comprehensive platform for all legal research needs

    vLex provides a one-stop-shop for all legal research needs. By subscribing to vLex, law schools can save time and resources by consolidating all legal research efforts on a single platform, without needing to use multiple resources.

  • 9 out of the top 10 universities in the world for law subscribe to vLex

    Ensure your students access the same exclusive and up-to-date legal information as the world’s top law schools, and join over 600,000 academic users already on vLex.

"At Alberta Law Libraries, our energies are always directed to connecting people with the world of legal information, and collaborating with vLex Justis to bring US, UK and Canadian legal resources is a key part of delivering on our commitments."

Dale Barrie, Director, Alberta Law Libraries

vLex Precedent Map

Visual learning and intuitive research tools

The vLex Precedent Map displays a visual representation of related cases, and allows you to filter by area of law to ensure that you are looking at the most relevant information. This streamlines the research process as it helps you identify areas where further research should be prioritised.

Visual learning and intuitive research tools
Language translation

Accessibility tools

Language translation

vLex offers reading and text editing tools to assist your legal research. Document translation features also allow you to view, download or save a document in 14 languages. When a document has been translated, you will still have access to the same level of features and functionality.

Feature highlights

Key features for law schools

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