Quolaw is the powerful, innovative and user-friendly legal practice management software for law firms, currently offered in Spain and Latin America by vLex.

Practice management

Intuitive and easy-to-use technology

From case and account management, to document creation and reporting functionalities, Quolaw enables law firms to enhance productivity and efficiency on important, yet time-consuming, administrative tasks.

Intuitive and easy-to-use technology

  • Case and file management

    Keep all of your client’s files in one place, record every point of contact, event, task, and communication for easier case management.

  • Accounting and billing

    Effortlessly monitor and control your firm’s expenses, and generate a balance statement with one click. Serialise your bills and classify them by practice area or any other criteria established by your firm.

  • Proceedings

    Easily attach proceedings to files to manage your billable hours, or attach important files and turn them into events or reports to send to your clients.

  • Reporting

    The reports feature enables you to manage and review all files alongside your firm’s financial accounts to help generate reports.

  • Documents and automated templates

    Create and edit Word documents online without ever leaving Quolaw, or populate simple templates to create authoritative legal forms for lawsuits, reports or invoices.

  • Eunomia, your virtual assistant

    Eunomia acts as a powerful paralegal assistant, helping you to work more efficiently, improve the quality of your service, and make you a more competitive lawyer.

  • Lexpire and Lexnet

    Control your administrative and procedural deadlines with the powerful Lexpire calculator, and gain direct access to Lexnet.

  • Integrations

    Quolaw seamlessly integrates with the vLex legal research platform, enabling you to access vLex’s award-winning technology, research tools, and ever-growing corpus of global legal information.