Enrich your documents with vLex legal intelligence and intuitive technology

Maintain up-to-date citations, quickly identify relevant information, and utilise vLex’s analytical tools to predict case outcomes and build stronger arguments.

Legal documents

Gain a technological advantage

  • Build better arguments

    Utilise vLex’s award-winning technology, Vincent AI, to find supporting cases used by your opponents, discover more relevant and up-to-date legal information, and save time on research tasks.

  • Keep your documents up to date

    With vLex for Word, you can quickly check the citations in your documents, enrich documents by adding vLex hyperlinks to citations, and locate new sources of legal information.

  • Identify negative treatments

    Any authorities that have been given a negative treatment will include a red alert to warn you that it has been overruled, not followed, or distinguished by a subsequent authority.

  • Draft documents with confidence

    Analyse the success rates of appeals in specific courts with vLex's analytical tools, and restructure your cases for a higher likelihood of a positive outcome.


Build a strong foundation for your case

Comparing data from your court of interest with others in the region, as well as the national average, will give you a clearer idea of the probable result of your case, helping you to understand the foundations of what arguments can win a case in that specific court.

Build a strong foundation for your case
Reduce your risk of missing important information

Vincent AI

Reduce your risk of missing important information

Scan documents with Vincent AI to add citation links and build a list of essential and related documents, in order to view all relevant information at once. In select regions, legislation that has been repealed or is no longer in force will be highlighted by a status indicator so that you are aware of the current law, allowing you to strengthen your argument where needed.

Enhance your documents

Analyse your opponents arguments

Use Vincent AI to quickly and accurately analyse the contents of a document, find relevant citations, legal concepts, and other related documents that your opponents may be relying on. The real power of this smart tool comes from its integration with vLex’s extensive collection of legal information. This provides an advantageous starting point for any research and ensures that millions of important documents are being considered each and every time Vincent is used.

Analyse your opponents arguments

Explore vLex technology

  • vLex for Word

    Ensure your citations are up-to-date within your documents, and discover recommendations to help you build better arguments with vLex for Word.

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  • vLex Cloud

    vLex Cloud enables you to connect your internal knowledge with vLex's global library, and enrich documents with award-winning vLex technology.

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  • vLex Chrome extension

    Improve your productivity and bring legal information to the top of your search results with the vLex Chrome extension to find the documents you need quickly.

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