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Access the information you need in one location, including exclusive content not available anywhere else, alongside easy-to-use technology to extract data from your opponent’s argument, and analytical tools to help you prepare cases.


Be prepared for any case

  • Identify precedents at a glance

    vLex visualises the relationship between cases, so you can instantly see how a case has been applied or overruled, with the ability to filter by area of law to ensure you have the most relevant cases to support your argument.

  • Reduce your risk of missing important information

    vLex hosts the largest collection of legal information on a single service, and it also indexes content from over 100 other free and commercial databases, so you can find what you need through a single search.

  • Prepare your case with data analytics

    In select regions, vLex offers comprehensive analytical tools to help you understand the likelihood of an outcome based on different courts and judges, enabling you to restructure your case for a higher likelihood of a positive outcome.

  • Extract sources from an opponent’s argument

    vLex’s award-winning legal research assistant, Vincent, can quickly and accurately analyse legal documents to find relevant citations, legal concepts, and related content, then return a unique set of highly relevant search results, a process that would have otherwise taken hours to compile manually.

  • Draft documents with confidence

    Enrich your draft documents with citations and hyperlinks to cases, and receive a warning when a cited act is no longer in force. You can then confidently draft your case knowing that each supporting reference is still considered good law.


Unlimited search, reduced risk

Searching multiple databases is no longer necessary with vLex. Over 20 years, vLex have aggregated thousands of sources of legal information into one searchable database to help you find what you need quickly. vLex also lets you see results from over 130 million documents to reduce the risk of missing important information.

Unlimited search, reduced risk
Quickly locate the critical parts of a case

Intelligent technology

Quickly locate the critical parts of a case

Only with vLex can you pinpoint information to a level not possible on other services, understand the relationships between cases, and seamlessly navigate between documents to improve your productivity.

Vincent AI

Save time on research tasks

Vincent will read documents in seconds to identify content and citations, and locate important information, such as key phrases and party names. Vincent will then return a unique set of highly relevant search results, saving you hours of research time, improving the accuracy of your research, and increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Save time on research tasks

More features to improve your legal research

  • Understand how a judgment has been applied

    vLex will show you where a judgment, and specific parts of a case, have been applied in other court cases and legal documents.

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  • Quickly check the citations in your documents

    With vLex for Word, you can quickly check the citations in your documents, enrich documents by adding vLex hyperlinks to citations, and locate new sources of legal information with AI-powered legal research assistant, Vincent.

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  • Bring legal documents to the top of your search

    Improve your productivity and bring legal information to the top of your search results with the vLex Chrome extension to find the documents you need quickly.

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