Intelligent practice management solutions

Access innovative and intuitive practice management solutions to support your firm and clients, and improve your productivity.

Practice management

Use technology to your advantage

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use technology

    From case and account management, to document creation and reporting functionalities, vLex’s Quolaw software enables law firms to enhance productivity and efficiency on important, yet time-consuming, administrative tasks.

  • Everything in one place

    Keep all of your client’s files in one place, record every point of contact, event, task, and communication for easier case management.

  • Create your own processes

    Build custom processes tailored to your unique needs, and have the flexibility and control to design workflows that align with your specific legal practice.

  • Apply the law with certainty

    vLex’s intelligent practice management solutions offer a level of certainty and security when applying the law. This is due to a variety of useful features, such as alerts for procedure deadlines and links to any necessary documentation to proceed with a case.

Practice management

Enhance productivity and efficiency

Start working more efficiently today with vLex’s powerful, innovative and user-friendly legal practice management software for law firms, currently offered in Spain and Latin America.

Easily manage complex legal procedures

Ensure your work is conducted in a practical, organised and streamlined manner to improve productivity and reduce the risk of procedural errors.

More features to improve your legal research

  • Quickly check the citations in your documents

    With vLex for Word, you can quickly check the citations in your documents, enrich documents by adding vLex hyperlinks to citations, and locate new sources of legal information with AI-powered legal research assistant, Vincent.

    Learn more about vLex Word

  • Bring legal documents to the top of your search

    Improve your productivity and bring legal information to the top of your search results with the vLex Chrome extension to find the documents you need quickly.

    Learn more about the vLex Chrome Extension