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Recommended products

vLex Spain

The largest collection of Spanish law and a market-leading product, this collection includes case law, legislation, regulations, and legal content from the Supreme Court, the Commercial Court, the Constitutional Court, the Court of First Instance, the Superior Courts of Justice, the Criminal Court, the National High Court, and many more. It also contains practical products such as editorially maintained‭ and ‬up-to-date‭ ‬practice notes‭, ‬checklists, legal forms, and contracts.

Quolaw, online management for law firms

Quolaw is practice management software for law firms, built by vLex. Learn More

vLex TV is an on-demand service included in the vLex Premium subscription. has the most complete collection of legal videos on the market, and it often hosts virtual sessions with magistrates, lawyers and experts as they delve into current topics. This platform allows you to complement your knowledge anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

vLex Court Analytics

This AI-‬driven service will help you to predict various outcomes based on historical court data and other relevant metrics, ‬giving you an advantage when preparing a case. Learn More


A virtual assistant for legal procedures - Eunomia allows you to plan and manage legal proceedings in a practical, organised and streamlined manner.

vLex Spain Forms and Contracts

An authoritative collection of thousands of useful and up-to-date forms and contracts, covering all areas of law.

vLex Spain Practical Bankruptcy Law

This guide, which covers all matters pertaining to bankruptcy, analyses the changes and consequences caused by recent reforms, and includes ready-to-use forms and precedents.

vLex Spain Practical: Civil Contracts

This is a huge repository of hundreds of contracts from all areas of civil law.

vLex Spain Practical: Civil Procedure Law

This practical product provides answers to questions on various areas of civil law, such as trials, special processes, appeals, and nullity of actions.

vLex Spain Practical: Corporation Tax Law

This guide on corporation tax offers practical examples of the law, as well as relevant case law, legislation, books, and journals.

vLex Spain Practical: Criminal Procedure Law

A practical guide that includes a wide selection of legal resources to contextualize and broaden the framework of the issues relating to criminal procedure law.

vLex Spain Practical: Data Protection Law

A practical guide to assist with any issues that may have arisen as a result of the new data protection law, supported by useful day-to-day forms and precedents.

vLex Spain Practical: Employment Law

A practical guide in which key aspects of employment law are analysed. This collection includes forms and precedents, a wide selection of case law and the latest legislative developments.

vLex Spain Practical: Family Law

A practical guide to family law, which also includes case law, legislation, books, and journals, as well as forms and precedents.

vLex Spain Practical: Fundamental Rights

A practical guide analysing the normative framework of fundamental rights and public liberties, complemented with the best selection of case law.

vLex Spain Practical: General Administrative Law

A practical product that includes a wide selection of legal resources to help contextualize matters, such as public procurement, administrative procedure and public administration.

vLex Spain Practical: Inheritance Law

Inheritance law explained in a clear and thorough way, supported by case law, legislation, forms and precedents, and much more.

vLex Spain Practical: Immigration Law

This product provides extensive information on topics such as residency issues, work permits, family reunification, expulsion, nationality, and community.

vLex Spain Practical: Limited Company Law

A practical guide to the many aspects of setting up a business, drafting legislation, the relevant administrative bodies, and many other topics relevant to running a company.

vLex Spain Practical: Litigation

A practical and comprehensive guide to litigation, including a wide variety of forms, precedents and case law.

vLex Spain Practical: Local Government Law

This practical guide analyses the commonalities between local governments, such as their organisation, how they are run, and the devolved powers of municipalities, provinces, islands, and other local entities.

vLex Spain Practical: New Construction and Horizontal Property Law

This guide introduces and develops a wide range of topics relating to new build construction and horizontal property regimes, supported by case law, relevant legislation, forms, and precedents.

vLex Spain Practical: Non-contentious Law

This practical guide advises you on a range of non-contentious issues, with supporting forms and precedents, case law, legislation, and secondary sources.

vLex Spain Practical: Obligations and Contracts

A constantly updated practical guide aimed at solving problems in the field of obligations and contracts, with references to judicial decisions, legislation and more than 400 models of updated forms in accordance with the latest legislative reforms.

vLex Spain Practical: Personal Income Tax Law

This guide provides practical examples of the law surrounding personal income tax, as well as relevant case law, legislation, books, and journals.

vLex Spain Practical: Public Sector Contracting

This practical guide provides updates on the reforms introduced in the LCSP / 2017, and answers questions on public procurement.

vLex Spain Practical: Second Chance Law

A practical guide that responds to the procedural and substantive problems that have arisen during the application of the Second Chance Law.

vLex Spain Practical: Road Traffic Law

A practical guide to all aspects of road traffic law, supported by a wide variety of case law and hundreds of relevant forms and precedents.

vLex Spain Practical: Tax Law

This guide covers three main areas of tax law; VAT, Personal Income Tax and Corporation Tax. The guide contains practical examples, as well as relevant case law, legislation, books, and journals.

vLex Spain Practical: Urban Planning Law

A practical guide that looks at the regulation of the Autonomous Communities and contains an in-depth analysis of matters related to urban planning and management.

vLex Spain Practical: VAT Law

This guide on VAT gives you practical examples of the law, as well as access to relevant case law, legislation, books, and journals.

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