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With Vincent AI, you no longer have to choose between innovative technology and comprehensive content; our platform offers a seamless integration of both, setting a new standard in efficiency, customization, and effectiveness across all legal practices.

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What can Vincent AI do for you and your firm?

Faster research, smarter workflows

Research workflows

  • Ask legal questions
  • Build an argument
  • Compare jurisdictions
  • 50 state survey

Document workflows

  • Summarize documents
  • Extract facts
  • Build timelines
  • Ensure compliance
  • Research questions

Litigation workflows

  • Extract claims
  • Draft questionnaires
  • Propose defenses
  • Identify counter-arguments
  • Compare jurisdictions

Contract workflows

  • Find contradictory clauses
  • Inconsistent definitions
  • Identify language
  • Identify potential risks
  • Propose mitigations
  • Develop a negotiation

Integration and customization

  • Private workflows
  • Customer databases
  • Docket Alarm integration
  • External sources (API)
  • Word plugin
  • Custom workflow development
  • API access

Case analysis and search

  • Extract legal issues
  • Summarised headnotes
  • Find semantically-related documents
  • Reduce the risk of missing information
  • Quickly determine whether a case is relevant

Delivering on the promise of generative AI for legal research

"So the bottom line for me is that Vincent appears to be as close as I have seen in delivering on the promise of generative AI for legal research. I say that with the proviso that I have not recently tested what may be its two main competitors...but neither of those have all four of Vincent’s skills or the ability to answer questions across multiple nations and languages."

Bob Ambrogi, Lawyer, veteran legal journalist, and award-winning blogger and podcaster.

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Features and benefits

Achieve more with Vincent AI

Vincent AI is your competitive advantage to greater client services and improving efficiency.

  • More resources

    Vincent AI checks more resources than other providers, including up-the-tree and down-the-tree citations to case law and secondary resources, to mimic what the best researcher would do.

  • More jurisdictions

    Only with Vincent AI can you utilize workflows for national and international tasks, alongside comparative research for 10+ countries. Vincent AI is the world’s first truly international legal AI assistant.*

  • More workflows

    Vincent AI provides you with more workflows than any other solution in the market, including over 20 workflows for research, litigation and transactions, and more.

  • More customizable

    Vincent AI is the only platform to offer self-service private workflows, alongside custom workflows which can also connect to your own databases and integrate with external sources.

Vincent AI workflows

Your ultimate legal AI platform

Features and benefits

A greater competitive advantage

  • Greater confidence

    Gain greater visibility into the sources used, while also verifying sources, with links to cited authorities. Vincent AI provides you with transparency into each source cited.

  • Greater usability

    Vincent AI’s intuitive interface make it accessible to all types of users. From detecting the best workflows based on the document type and content, to the 20+ pre-built workflows and auto-generated questions. No prompting is needed.

  • Greater integrations

    Vincent AI integrates with Docket Alarm, offering the most extensive collection of US litigation, over 800 million documents, which can be utilized within your workflows and tasks.

  • Greater experience

    Unlike other providers, vLex has over 30 years of sourcing data and adding value with technology; the vLex system currently ingests and updates over 350,000 documents each day.

Getting started

Simplifying success in law

Start quickly

Vincent AI detects the best workflows based on the document type and content, so your team can get started quickly.

Start with pre-built workflows

Access over 20 pre-built workflows and auto-generated questions to use Vincent AI to improve workflows from day one.

Start the way you want

While no prompting is needed, Vincent AI allows users to ask any question to a document via user prompt if they wish.

Generative AI Whitepaper

LLMs for Legal Tasks: Best Practices

Generative AI Whitepaper

Are you exploring the use of LLM and Generative AI for legal tasks?

Download the LLMs in Legal Work: Best Practices whitepaper today to discover an in-depth insight into LLM-based legal research tools, an analysis on how to decrease risks, which tools are likely to succeed, and much more.

Download Generative AI Whitepaper

Vincent AI

Generative AI, grounded in real law

Vincent AI

The most customizable legal AI platform

Integration with internal tools

  • Word plugin
  • Outlook plugin
  • Chrome plugin
  • Content API access (Raw Vector Search)
  • Vincent API access

Custom workflows

  • Private workflows (self service)
  • Custom workflow development

Customer databases and integration

  • Third-party content sources
  • Customer databases*
  • Create database with a Docket Alarm query*
  • External sources (Web Scraping)
  • External sources (API)

Enterprise-level accounts

Working with vLex Labs

vLex labs is an exclusive in-house service that provides you access to the world’s leading experts on legal AI.

By uniting industry leaders such as Fastcase, Docket Alarm, Justis, and NextChapter, vLex is sculpting the future of legal AI with unmatched collective expertise.

vLex Labs is a service dedicated to helping with on-boarding and set-up of vLex services, from support in building custom workflows, to data preparation and much more, ensuring our services are highly personalized to your firm's needs.

Working with vLex Labs
Data security and compliance

Comprehensive security

Data security and compliance

vLex practices comprehensive security and compliance testing and checks to ensure customers can use services, such as Vincent AI, securley and safley.

  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant Encryption
  • Cryptographic Audit Log
  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom Data Center Region By Office
  • Customer-Managed Encryption Keys
  • Dedicated Instance

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