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The future of legal intelligence

vLex is a world-renowned legal technology provider and market-leading solution for legal research. Since pioneering single-service access to the world’s legal information, vLex has expanded its services to develop award-winning technology and bespoke integration tools to help millions of users worldwide find information faster and stay up to date with the law. In addition to this, vLex has optimised its knowledge and created powerful custom solutions to help industry-leading firms make better connections between their data and documents.

What we do best…

Aggregate global authorities

vLex is the world’s largest collection of legal and regulatory information, bringing together thousands of exclusive legal sources and publishers on a single platform.

Develop world-class legal technology

We build award-winning software that understands legal information, powering advanced features across jurisdictions and languages.

Reimagine legal research

vLex is the world’s simplest and most reliable way to find and understand legal authorities. Intelligent search, interactive visualisations and AI-assisted research make vLex a product that lawyers actually want to use.

Enhance your data

vLex is the first and only platform that allows you to combine your in-house knowledge with vLex data on a single service. With pre-built connectors and custom integrations you can automatically enrich your content to uncover new insights.

Integrate with legal workflows

vLex intelligence is integrated into the software that lawyers use every day, through a suite of cross-platform extensions for web browsers and MS Office applications.

Build custom enterprise solutions

We help enterprise customers transform their business by extending vLex with custom datasets, advanced features and APIs.

Awards and recognition

Overall Legal Research Solution Provider of the Year
at the 2022 LegalTech Breakthrough Awards

Virtual Legal Assistant Solution of the Year
at the 2021 LegalTech Breakthrough Awards for Vincent AI

Excellence in Litigation and Data Science Finalist
at the Legal Innovation Awards Finalists 2021

Disruptive Technology of the Year Finalists
at the Legal Innovation Awards 2022

Excellence in Legal Publishing Nominee
for the Hugh Lawford Award 2021

Winner of the Lifetime Contributor Award for Masoud Gerami, Managing Director, vLex Global Markets
at the Legal Innovation Awards 2022

Fastcase 50 Award for Lluis Faus, Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Chairman, vLex
for Innovators, Visionaries, and Leaders in Law, 2021

Over 20 years of innovation

vLex is a leading provider of award-winning research technology and global legal information, providing access to international legal material from over 100 countries, all on one service.

With over 2 million registered users, vLex provides necessary case law, legislation, secondary sources, and news to legal professionals and law students.

Behind the scenes, vLex develops large-scale artificial intelligence systems to bring together legal information from over 750 publishers and sources to help our users find the information they need.

Starting in 1998 in Barcelona, Spain, brothers Lluís and Angel Faus founded vLex to provide simple and intuitive access to the law. Using their background in computer science, mathematics and law, Lluis and Angel were able to design, build and deliver unique and innovative solutions to the Spanish market.

Today, vLex employs a team of over 200 lawyers, engineers, commercial executives, and editorial experts to deliver global content and bespoke technology that enhances research and the connectivity of millions of editorially enriched legal documents.

vLex in numbers


Registered users


Countries served


Documents added daily


Connections and citations


Visitors each year


Searchable legal documents


Sources of legal data


Publishing partners

Improving the world’s access to legal information

Access to legal information is pivotal for the operations of organisations and individuals around the world. vLex’s commitment to providing greater access to legal resources through intelligent technology has led to successful acquisitions and key partnerships, including Justis Publishing, Quolaw and Irwin Law.

Built by over 200 local experts

vLex’s on-the-ground experts provide valuable insights into the provincial needs of key customer groups, delivering a powerful and unique understanding of the legal sector on a global scale. Supported by a growing network of domain specialists in over 20 countries, vLex continues to successfully refine its intelligent tools, acquire important and authoritative content and ultimately deliver local intelligence to a global audience.

vLex Careers


vLex Staff, Ana Covaliu, Chief Financial Officer

Ana Covaliu

Chief Financial Officer

vLex staff, Diego Mora Managing Director, vLex Latin America

Diego Mora

Managing Director, vLex Latin America

vLex staff, Ferrán Sala, Managing Director, vLex Europe

Ferran Sala

Managing Director, vLex Europe

vLex staff, Lluis Faus, Co-Founder, CEO

Lluis Faus

Co-Founder, CEO

vLex staff, Angel Faus, Co-Founder, CTO

Angel Faus

Co-Founder, CTO

vLex staff, Masoud Gerami, Managing Director, vLex Global Markets

Masoud Gerami

Managing Director, vLex Global Markets

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