The Legal AI Pathfinder’s Assembly - Chicago: Grounding Legal AI’s possibilities with real strategies

1 March 2024

From March 6 to 7, law firm leaders, and legal tech innovators – including vLex – will converge at Chapman and Cutler law firm in Chicago for The Legal AI Pathfinder’s Assembly. Attendees can look forward to two days of intense peer-led discussion on strategies that will move them closer to realizing the transformative potential of Legal AI.

Legal AI Pathfinder’s Assembly: Chicago

The legal world has been talking for years about the transformative effect of AI on legal work – and the Legal AI Pathfinder’s Assembly will delve into how to actually achieve that transformation.

As AI tech becomes more democratized, such transformation can seem deceptively easy. But law firms can find that they hit real roadblocks around cost, security concerns, and the reliability of the tech. Over two days of case studies and panel discussions, firms will share details of what AI-related initiatives they have implemented, and the lessons learned. More concretely, attendees can engage in valuable discussions around developing strategic roadmaps for investment in emerging Legal AI tools, and their adoption and deployment.

vLex at Legal AI Pathfinders

vLex will play a pivotal role over the two days. Damien Riehl, vLex’s VP of Product, will be chairing the event and doing short opening talks on subjects such as Large Language Models (LLMs) in legal practice, including their potential to make significant changes to both substantive law and the business of law. (Read our recent whitepaper for a detailed examination of LLMs for legal tasks).

With data being the ‘oil’ that drives legal AI, data (and data literacy in particular), will be a key focus of the discussions. Damien also plans to provide critical insights into companies and firms that are engaging in the hard work of structuring their legal data so that LLMs can more efficiently perform legal tasks.

vLex has been thinking about these issues for a long time, building in transparency, user-friendliness, verification abilities, and compliance with security standards into key products such as Vincent AI. And all vLex products draw from its extensive global repository of trusted, authoritative, legal information.

One of the aims of Legal AI Pathfinder’s Assembly: Chicago is timely and much-needed – to create a blueprint for data-driven transformation that includes experimentation, and collaboration between the various elements of the legal sector.

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