Introducing Vincent AI Analyze Document

29 February 2024

Vincent AI’s sophisticated new Analyze Document feature moves it closer to being a lawyer’s complete legal research companion. Using vLex’s carefully designed prompts, lawyers can do a deep interrogation of any legal document to build arguments, conduct legal analyses, and a range of other actions that require legal reasoning ability.

Watch the demo of Vincent AI's new Analyze Document feature

Your Legal Research Co-Pilot

Since its launch in 2023, we’ve refined Vincent AI and added features to make it an ever more powerful legal research tool – one that goes beyond just retrieving information. But Vincent AI Analyze Document marks a real shift to Vincent AI as more of a legal research co-pilot.

Lawyers can now analyze any type of legal document – litigation, transactional, or general—by asking it a question from a list of customized prompts or ‘skills’. Vincent AI Analyze Document can do a range of legal reasoning tasks – from analyzing claims, through to generating defenses.

Analyze Document in Detail

Here are just a few of Vincent AI’s new document analysis skills. They are illustrated in more detail in this demo video, which extracts and ingests a complaint from a litigation case as a starting point.

  • Extract and Analyze Claims - This skill will outline the claims being made in the complaint, along with the citations, facts, witnesses, and parties for each claim. The prompt is designed to reflect the questions that a lawyer would ask to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each cause of action for each claim.
  • Generate Defenses to Each Claim - Vincent AI Analyze Document can come up with defenses to each listed claim. If a defendant’s lawyer wants to argue a particular defense, Vincent AI can be prompted to identify the key facts that would support that defense.
  • Create Follow-up Questions for Clients - Create a follow-up questionnaire for clients or other parties. For example, in a copyright action, ask which policies a party had in place to prevent infringement. The questionnaire will target the kind of information required so that counsel can get an idea of the best way to respond to the complaint.
  • Think Through a Possible Legal Argument - Lawyers might want to consider a specific legal concept that might apply in an action. They can now think through it with Vincent AI Analyze Document before committing it to a brief. Vincent AI can identify and help users analyze relevant cases – its underlying LLM has the advantage of knowing the complaint and the context, and has access to vLex’s global repository of legal data.

The above is just a small selection of the skills that Vincent AI Analyze Document can perform when doing a document analysis. Depending on the type of document uploaded, Vincent AI can now also generate a timeline, use vLex data to carry out legal research based on the document, and quickly draft motions and answers.

As with every new feature, document analysis is enriched by vLex’s vast global repository of legal data and information. This dataset was expanded recently, and Vincent AI now draws in high-quality legal resources from four more jurisdictions - Chile, Mexico, Singapore, and the EU.

For more information on Vincent AI, contact your local vLex team.