Iceberg AI

Introducing Iceberg AI, the cloud-based artificial intelligence platform designed specifically for the enterprise market.

Iceberg AI

Intelligent and powerful tools for enterprise customers

Iceberg AI addresses the unique challenges of creating custom legal knowledge and analytics solutions, offering a suite of powerful tools for big law firms, government agencies, and corporate legal teams.

Intelligent and powerful tools for enterprise customers

  • Easy data ingestion

    Import and export structured data from XML, CSV or RDF files, and connect to current databases using the built-in connectors.

    Create crawlers and parsers to import data from public sources efficiently, and re-use and extend vLex's global data for your organisation’s internal projects, subject to content license.

  • Dynamic ontology

    Iceberg’s graph-oriented data representation can fit any data model, from document databases to analytic profiles, classification taxonomies, or temporal events. Easily evolve and refine your data model as requirements change.

  • Workspace-based collaboration

    Workspaces provide zero-cost private copies of data so that your editors and data scientists can experiment with data transformations without impacting your production users. When changes are ready, a data merge is one-click away.

  • Plug-and-play integration with public ML models and exclusive vLex ML models for legal information

    API integrations with the best public machine-learning-as-a-service providers.

    Apply vLex’s proprietary vCite algorithms to detect citations to legal documents in over 20 countries.

    IceNet is Iceberg’s own classification and search ranking algorithm, designed to benefit from Iceberg’s graph-oriented data representation and the past behaviour of similar users. IceNet also provides content-based recommendations that enable your users to discover content that is relevant to their research.

  • Refine your models with Iceberg’s AI human-enriched workflows

    Workflows provide task-oriented interfaces that optimise human data enrichment tasks. Distribute tasks to internal or external teams, review outputs and track progress.