Vincent AI receives New Product Award by the American Association of Law Libraries

7 May 2024Press Release

vLex’s global legal intelligence and innovation platform Vincent AI reached an exciting new milestone last week – receiving the prestigious New Product Award from the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).

Each year, the award recognizes a new and innovative legal information product that enhances or improves law library services. This includes products that improve access to legal information, or elevate the legal research process itself. This valued recognition from AALL comes at a pivotal moment in Vincent AI’s development, as the platform evolves beyond information retrieval to transforming how legal professionals work. By harnessing the power of Generative AI, Vincent AI is revolutionizing complex document, contract, litigation, and research workflows.

Legal professionals who use Vincent AI for research have experienced first-hand its reputation for unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensiveness: Vincent instantly retrieves the most relevant sources from vLex’s vast global repository of trusted and authoritative legal information. The recent incorporation of GenAI-backed workflows into Vincent AI, however, takes legal work beyond mere information retrieval, enabling the connection and analysis of data to provide deeper insights. Legal professionals can ask Vincent to answer complex legal questions, build arguments that can be added to a draft brief, or instantly compare law across jurisdictions. These are just a few of Vincent AI’s new ‘lawyer-like’ reasoning capabilities.

The AALL award endorses the skilled efforts of Vincent AI’s exceptional product team. In late 2022, recognizing the potential of emerging Large Language Models, the team rapidly deployed features that not only leveraged this advanced technology but also addressed its unique challenges (e.g., mitigating confabulations, also known as hallucinations). Their approach in integrating these technologies has ensured that Vincent AI is accurate and reliable, crucial for maintaining legal professionals’ trust. This “trust but verify” methodology places Vincent AI at legal research technologies’ vanguard, leading the way for global legal professionals’ evolving needs and concerns, demonstrating our commitment to revolutionizing legal research worldwide, while also ensuring user trust and safety.


“I am immensely proud of our team's achievements with Vincent AI, and this award is a testament to the effort of the whole team,” said Robin Chesterman, vLex’s Global Head of Product. “It’s incredible to work on technology that is set to significantly transform the legal profession. This award underscores the substantial impact vLex technology is poised to have on the efficiency and depth of legal work, and it's thrilling to be part of this journey.”

The team’s work places Vincent AI on solid footing to meet the legal world’s concerns with GenAI. The past month has seen a number of bar associations – including Florida, California and more recently New York – release guidelines for members around the use of GenAI for legal work. One primary suggestion is verifying results — which Vincent AI makes quick and straightforward, since its outputs are drawn from, link back to, and provide direct quotes from, trusted sources.

“I’ve worked with some of the best people in our industry — but this team brings Legal Tech to another level: It’s a Dream Team,” said Damien Riehl, vLex’s VP of Product. “I’m grateful and honored that AALL has recognized our team’s rapid development to expand upon all of LLMs’ groundbreaking capabilities. Every legal task involves ingesting words, analyzing words, and outputting words — and Vincent’s ensemble of LLMs does all three at superhuman speed and at a postgraduate level. For legal professionals, these are exciting times, and I’m thrilled that Vincent AI will help lead them toward their bright future.”

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