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The largest collection of Spanish law online

Explore over 7 million judgments from a wide variety of Spanish courts on vLex. ‬As well as a vast collection of authoritative legal materials, this collection contains practical products, such as editorially maintained‭ and ‬up-to-date‭ ‬practice notes‭, ‬checklists, legal forms, contracts, and much more.‬‬

A marketing-leading service for Spanish legal information

vLex brings together thousands of legal and news sources, from hundreds of the world’s leading publishers and courts, to help you to find more information in one location. This includes a wide range of legal documents from Spain, including:

  • Case Law
  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Books
  • Journals
  • Forms and Contracts
  • Administrative Materials
  • Official Journals
  • News 
  • Collective Agreements
  • Draft Bills


Cases from Spanish courts


Books and journals on Spanish law


News articles covering Spanish legal topics

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Create custom email alerts to stay up to date with Spanish law.

Language translation

Automatically translate and compare legal documents in multiple languages.

International research

Discover coverage from over 100 countries, all on a single platform.

Vincent AI for Spain

Utilise vLex’s award-winning legal research assistant to conduct comprehensive research at machine speed.

Vincent’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables researchers to upload a relevant document, whether it’s a case, a skeleton argument, or any other legal document. Vincent will then read the document, before returning a unique set of highly relevant search results in seconds, a process which would have otherwise taken hours to compile manually.

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Recommended products

vLex offer over 30 practical products for Spanish law, learn more about these collections on the vLex Content Explorer.

vLex Spain

The largest collection of Spanish law and a market-leading product, this collection includes case law, legislation, regulations, and legal content from the Supreme Court, the Commercial Court, the Constitutional Court, the Court of First Instance, the Superior Courts of Justice, the Criminal Court, the National High Court, and many more. It also contains practical products such as editorially maintained‭ and ‬up-to-date‭ ‬practice notes‭, ‬checklists, legal forms, and contracts.

Quolaw, online management for law firms

Case and file management: keep all your client’s files in one place. Record every contact, event, task and communication for easier case management.

Accounting and billing management: monitor and control your firm’s expenses and generate a balance statement with one click.Proceedings: attach proceedings to files to manage your billablest, attach important files and turn them into events or reports to send to your clients.

Reports: manage your firm and your business from the Reports section. You will be able to see all files and your firm’s financial accounts.

Documents: create or edit word documents online without ever leaving Quolaw.
Automated templates: create legal forms for lawsuits, reports or invoices using our simple templates.

Billing serial numbers: serialise your bills and classify them by practice area or any other criteria established by your firm.

Eunomia, your virtual paralegal assistant: Eunomia will make you more efficient, improve the quality of your service and make you a more competitive lawyer.

Lexpire, deadline calculator: control your administrative and procedural deadlines with this powerful calculator.

Lexnet: direct access to Lexnet.

Integrations: Quolaw integrates seamlessly with the vLex legal research platform.

vLex TV

vLex.tv is an on-demand service included in the vLex Premium subscription. vLex.tv has the most complete collection of legal videos on the market where magistrates, lawyers and experts delve into current topics. This platform allows you to complement your knowledge anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.

vLex Spanish Court Analytics

‬This AI-‬driven service will help you to predict various outcomes based on historical court data and other relevant metrics‭, ‬giving you an advantage when preparing a case‭. ‬Court Analytics will help you to understand in advance how long a case is likely to last‭, ‬the probabilities of a favourable decision‭, ‬and the probabilities assigned to‭ ‬sentences based on the type of crime‭. Other products available for Spanish practitioners also include Quolaw, an online management tool for law firms, and Eunomia, a virtual assistant for legal procedures.

Statistics by court: get a complete statistical overview of how a court functions, for example, resolution deadlines and the probability of success in case of appeal.

Probability of appeal success: as we have classified old appeals, you can use this information to analyse their success rates and also see the relevant circumstances when appeals were indeed successful. This will give you the ability to plan your cases for a higher likelihood of a positive outcome.

Analyse by case type: choose between either civil or criminal cases and then use our data to analyse the relevant deadlines, success rates and estimated sentences from different courts of the same jurisdiction. Comparing the data of your court with others in the region as well as the national average will give you a clearer idea of the probable result of your case.

The perfect lawsuit and appeal: with vLex Analytics, you can discover the foundations for the perfect lawsuit or appeal, with an overview of the effectiveness of all types of appeal as well as an analysis of cited legislation.


A virtual assistant for legal procedures: Eunomia allows you to plan and manage legal proceedings in a practical, organised and streamlined manner.

Integrated vLex technology: Eunomia uses vLex’s own technology, based on algorithms that allow you to discover and learn about the more than 100 legal proceedings that make up the Spanish legal system.

Information in context: every Eunomia feature uses the most relevant content and is up-to-date with the most current legislation. If the legislation changes, so does Eunomia, adapting the relevant processes and the applicable information to the new legislation.

Legal certainty and security when applying the law: the service informs you of the procedure deadlines, suggests the necessary documentation to proceed with a case and automatically puts the next stages of the process in your diary.

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